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    When I first got this s4 three days ago I noticed the phone app is very glitchy. Everything else seemed to work fine. It was so bad I was about to take this pone back and get a HTC one. Well I noticed that you can go into settings in the phone app and select which accounts are displayed and synced with contacts. So I unchecked Facebook and everything except my Google account. Which is the only contacts I want displayed in my phone app anyways. It now seems to run much better. All of the stuttering I was getting while scrolling through contacts has gone away and it flows smoothly now. Sometimes there is an occasional hiccup because some of my contacts are synced with their Facebook accounts and the picture for the contact comes from Facebook so it has to retrieve the picture from there. To be expected. But it's much better now. Just FYI for anyone having the same problem.

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    05-27-2013 12:38 AM

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