1. Samuel Bloch's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 from T-Mobile which I bought in July, I was working perfecly until all started to go slow for any reason (a month later).
    I had to do a Factory Reset and then all got back to normal.

    But now I'm having a big ISSUE, on WIFI i'm not able to see videos on youtube and look up for directions in Google Maps' app, but when I change to 3G I get my Maps directions really quick.

    WIFI is perfectly working on my computer and on the mobile web browser which is Google Chrome.
    It only seems to affect YouTube and Maps.

    10-29-2013 06:01 AM
  2. IAmSixNine's Avatar
    I dont have an S4 but recently with my Note 2 i had some issues at home when my device was on WiFi.
    Power cycling my router fixed it.
    My laptop, chromecast, Nexus 4, HTC One and iPhone 5 all operated normally at home WiFi. The Note 2 at work operated normally on WiFi.
    It was the combination of Note 2 and Home WiFi that messed things up.

    Oh and it also took a few power cycles of the home wifi router to fix it. I think on the 3rd time it started to work fine.
    10-29-2013 09:20 AM
  3. Samuel Bloch's Avatar
    That is exactly what is happening to me.

    My computer and ipod touch work perfectly and WIFI and my phone won't.

    Thanks god i'm not the only one with this issue.
    10-29-2013 11:00 AM

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