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    I am having tons of issues with my S4....most of them relate to the data. I want to know if anyone else is having these issues...

    I’m going to categorize this by the overall type of issue and then provide details as to what exactly is going on with it. I previously had a Samsung Galaxy S4 (T-Mobile variant) with Jellybean (4.3) that I rooted and then reverted back to stock but since it was having all of these issues they replaced it for me. Now, all of these issues are on 4.3 Jellybean. I don’t currently have any issues with KitKat on the phone but I’ve only had it for almost 24 hours…so we will see with that.

    Data/Cellular Service

    None while on a phone call (at first it kicked my WiFi off as well, had to toggle it off and back on); Still having this issue even while having KitKat on the phone. Took about 30 seconds for data to come back after I ended the call. I have WiFi fine during calls though.
    Signal isn’t as good as my mother’s S3 but it is better than my sister’s S4 (I could have Edge while my mom’s phone is sitting right next to mine and she has 4GLTE)
    Turns off randomly after factory resets (did at least 3 on my previous phone)
    new SIM card same issues
    Says no service when I know I have at least 2 bars and edge at my house
    When I first turned on the replacement phone I had data until I changed SIM cards (did another SIM card change to make sure everything works properly) Once I changed SIM cards I only had cellular service and WiFi for about an hour.
    I fixed WiFi calling – have to have it set at “Cellular Network Preferred” otherwise I have NO cellular service anywhere, especially at home; this includes data.
    ^^ Even with that toggled I had to toggle it off to finally get my data service back and now it so far works fine with it toggled on to the “Cellular Network Preferred”.

    Burn in is starting to happen I see the bars whenever I slowly bring up the notification panel
    facebook messenger (not sure if it is the OS or the app) causes the phone to get stuck like I have a flip cover but I’ve never owned a flip cover (would be too annoying for me)
    Data issues with S4 before and after 4.4.2 update-p1000095-580-90-300x168.jpg
    ^^ Happens when I lay the phone down while using the app. I go to turn off the screen (power button), press the home key, volume rocker, anything to make it do anything else and nothing happens…it stays there for about 30-45 seconds and then responds. Only while using that one app though…
    So, yes, that is my long list of issues. It takes up 3/4 of a page. If you are wondering how I got all of these SIM Cards, I got them for free. If you call them and plead your case they will send you free one’s, possibly. I have a Nano SIM on its way just in case the issues come back as I have decided that I’m done if any of these issues comes back or anything adds to this list. I’m going to use my iPhone 5 until the iPhone 6 comes out and then I will either ask for the 6 for my bday or purchase it myself and be on my merry way. I’m not sure if this is Android Jellybean/KitKat or the S4′s insides, or what, but it is getting quite ridiculous.

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    04-07-2014 01:53 PM
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    I am also trying to figure out something else that came up...during & before the update...

    I play "Dumb Ways To Die" on my S4.
    Before the update the section with the airplane man, where you had to blow on the speaker worked...but after the update, I blow on all of my speakers and it doesn't seem to recognize the sound or something. That section always kills me...when usually I can blow right past it (ahaha! bad joke!)

    Also, did y'all ever have an issue where you don't have data during a call? Before the update, one time making a call cut off my WiFi and data and I had to toggle WiFi back on in order to have it on. After the update I still don't have data during a call. I changed my sim card as well.

    NOTE: Before the update I was using the phone I originally purchased from T-Mobile. After the update I was using a replacement phone T-Mobile sent me with a new SIM card and everything (in hopes that would solve most of my issues with the device) So, these are theoretically 2 different devices with 2 different IMEI numbers. Same color and same device but one's refurbished and one is sent back to T-Mobile.
    04-09-2014 10:41 AM
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    Is no one else having these issues?

    I'm STILL having the issue where when I go to take/make calls I have no data at all. I just realized that my mom's S3 does the same thing, too. So if it is a T-Mobile thing, then okay, I can drop that issue but if not...I want to know how to fix this on both of our phones. My mom never updated her phone though it is available. She is afraid because my previous S3 on VZW's service broke with the 4.2.2 to 4.3 update. (overheated, bugs (more than normal) and other stuff)
    04-25-2014 12:21 PM

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