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    source: [ROM] Vibrant AOSPish FroYo 1.0 - JPM Based - *10/22/2010* - xda-developers

    What's inside:
    Bloatware removed
    Themed to look AOSP
    AOSP 2.2 Apps
    Touchwiz Removed
    AOSP Lock Screen
    Mobile AP
    Root / busybox
    Stock Android Keyboard
    Included Apps:

    adbWireless (removeable)
    Advanced Task Killer (removeable)
    Stock Android Keyboard
    Samsung Keypad
    Stock 2.2 Calendar
    Stock 2.2 Mms
    CM6 Calculator
    Fascinate Live Wallpapers
    Nexus 2.2 Music
    Rom Manager (removeable)
    Titanium Backup (removeable)
    HD YouTube
    ThinkFree Office
    Samsung Apps (Removeable)
    Task Manager
    Google Talk
    Google Maps
    My Files

    There's more info at XDA from the dev. Don't forget to thank them!
    10-25-2010 12:11 PM
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    My friend installed this and is loving the ROM. A couple weird things he found were the top buttons, when changing a time/date, were invisible and the volume buttons in Clockwork were inverted lol. Very minor stuff, but a small price to pay for Froyo!
    10-25-2010 03:23 PM
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    1.4 Updates:

    Notifications Pulldown Further Themed - Thanks cgrunner!
    JI2 GPS /
    Deleted more bloat, moved some to data /
    'Gingerbread' YouTube App /
    G2 Swype Theme /
    Re-Added Mobile AP /
    AOSP Music Controls in Notifications Pulldown /
    Froyo Gallery 3d /
    Fixed Settings Theme /
    Rename: Dialer->Phone /
    Rename: Web->Browser /
    Added Beach Live Wallpaper /
    10-30-2010 08:23 PM
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    Update 1.1/1.2/1.3 included the following (sorry, I forgot to mention these):

    1.3 Updates:

    There is no upgrade for this version, just install fresh, it'll be better / more stable that way as well.

    1. Theme Updates (Mostly Icons)
    2. More Bloatware Removed
    3. General cleanup
    4. CM5 Calculator
    5. CM5 Email
    6. IM 1.1.2
    7. More Stable
    8. Lots more stuff I can't remember.
    9. Reboot in Power Menu
    10. Removed Swype Tips

    Moving on to JPM!
    1.2 Updates:

    1. Theme Updates (see screenshot with status bar pulled down)
    2. Added DeskClock from CM5
    3. Added Magic Smoke Live Wallpaper
    1.1 Updates:

    1. HDPI Status Bar Graphics
    2. Fixed White Bar in Calendar
    10-30-2010 08:25 PM