1. njcells09's Avatar
    I have a Samsung Vibrant running 2.2. I recently rooted the phone using the Super One Click Program. Now i am trying to apply Lagfix to my phone and it keeps on giving me a erroe when i try to Install EXT2 Tool the error i am getting is...

    write error:No space left on device

    So i checked free space on my device and it say i have 1569mb of 1917mb available.

    If i only need 1mb to download tools, why is it giving me this error.

    Someone Please Help!!!

    03-20-2011 07:31 PM
  2. EncryptedFile's Avatar
    I had the same problem.
    I had to use TitaniumBackup to remove some system apps I wasn't using (live wallpapers) to make room to install it.
    Then I learned later on that it does more harm installing the OCLF than it does not installing it.
    I still haven't figured out how to put this new voodoo lagfix I've heard is much better than OCLF, but once I do hopefully I won't want to throw my vibrant against the wall every 15 minutes when it freezes for no god damn reason...
    05-12-2011 07:46 AM
  3. b0ricuaguerrero's Avatar
    why dont you just use a voodo kernal? converts to ext4
    06-26-2011 09:42 PM
  4. Gymotc's Avatar
    I used the titanium backup to get rid of some stock apps, that did the trick for me!!!
    07-16-2011 10:34 PM