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    Hi guys,
    I had a collection of ROMs, So I decided to post all of them on here. All I want to do is to make people aware of how the stock roms suck. And spread the good ROMs throughout the internet world.

    All the credit of the materials posted here goes to the respective ROMs developers and their team members.

    Bionix v 1.3.1 - Touchwiz Launcher-2.2
    Download bionix-v-1.3.1-touchwiz.zip for free on Filesonic.com

    Toxic Darkyy 9.5-2.2
    Download Toxic_darkyy_stock.zip for free on Filesonic.com

    Toxic Fire 2.9-2.2
    Download Toxic_Fire_2.9_KB5_V5.zip for free on Filesonic.com

    Trigger 3.0.1-2.2
    Download Trigger_3_0_1.zip for free on Filesonic.com


    1 Odin to JFD (Recommended) or just boot in recovery(First perform step 2 if not going back to JFD) )
    2. Copy ROM to SD
    3. Wipe Data Factory Reset
    4. Flash Rom
    5. Wipe Cache Partition
    6. Wipe Dalvic Cache
    7. Fix Permission
    8. Reboot
    9. Enjoy!

    Voodoo is disabled by default to enable delete (Disable Voodoo file from Voodoo folder and reboot)

    Custom GB ROM
    Instructions to flash MIUI
    0 - Odin back to JFD.
    1 - Download these files:
    a) kernel-cm-7-INITIAL-Vibrant-signed.zip
    b) Latest MIUI release (see bottom of post)
    2 - Rename kernel-cm-7-INITIAL-Vibrant-signed.zip to update.zip and copy it and the latest MIUI to the SD card.
    3 - Enter recovery mode using the 3-button combo and press Reinstall Packages.
    4 - Pull the battery. Use the 3-button combo to enter recovery mode.
    5 - Flash the latest MIUI version

    Download kernel-cm-7-INITIAL-Vibrant-signed.zip for free on Filesonic.com

    MIUI 1.5.13
    Download miui-Vib1.5.13.zip for free on Filesonic.com

    If the camera shows a black screen, Try putting the phone to sleep (while the cam app is still open) and wake it. If that doesn't work either then flash this kernel

    Download CM7_Vibrant_kernel_kang_20110507_r12_update.zip for free on Filesonic.com

    Non OC/UV kernels for 2.2/2.2.1 ROMs
    Bali v1.8.3
    Download Bali_v1.8.3.zip for free on Filesonic.com

    OC/UV kernels for 2.2/2.2.1 ROMs
    Tiger Blood v3
    Download Tiger_Blood_v3.zip for free on Filesonic.com

    Modem; the best modem out there for 2.2/2.2.1ROMs which gives a great battery life and data transfer
    Download KB5_modem.zip for free on Filesonic.com

    Instructions for flashing Modems/Kernels
    2. Copy Modem/Kernel to SD
    3.Go to clockwork Mod
    4. Wipe Cache Partition
    5. Wipe Dalvic Cache
    6. Flash Modem/Kernel
    7. Reboot
    8. Enjoy!

    Fix for GPS(Same method as flashing kernels/modems but skip steps 4 and 5)
    Download S.gps.zip for free on Filesonic.com

    Theme for 2.2.1 ROMs
    Crysis Revolution(Same method flashing as GPS)
    Download Crysis_Revolution_V1.2_r90_vibr_221.zip for free on Filesonic.com

    Dialer for 2.2/2.2.1 ROMs
    Xtreme Purple Dialer(Same method flashing as GPS)
    Download Xtreme_Purple_Dialer.zip for free on Filesonic.com
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    Thank you!
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