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    Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S (SGH-T959) w/ firmware 2.2, T-mobile - After opening Calendar, then opening event, then Menu, then Edit, the following error message appears "Sorry! The application Calendar (process com.android.calendar) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." I then have to select the only option "Force Close" in order to exit. I am NOT able to edit ANY events in ANY calendars that I set up in my gmail account on the web.

    My husband and mom have the same phones w/ 2.1 and are able to edit all events in all calendars. I had to send my phone to Samsung for repair and they updated to 2.2 and I am now not able to edit any events. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I've read through forums on this site and others but have not found solution. We are considering getting an iphone if we can't get this stuff worked out. Thanx!
    01-21-2012 11:46 PM