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    Hey All,

    I'd like to have my work e-mail & calendar sync w/my vibrant. My boss has no trouble getting his iphone to sync w/our server, but I can't get my vibrant to do so. I've tried about every combination of domain/username & server spec (boss' iphone settings point to our outlook web access server--I've tried that) that I can think of, but it always comes back at the "Checking incoming server settings..." step with a dialog that says:

      Setup could not finish
      Unable to open connection to server.
    Is there a trick to this? Anybody got a clue for me?

    Many thanks!

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    10-01-2010 06:51 PM
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    Hi Roy

    I am having exactly the same problem. My boss has an iphone and is getting pretty annoyed that I can't get our owa on my samsung nexus s. I am a newbie to droid and I have read a lot of forums and tried every email app around to no avail. Has anyone got back to you with a solution?

    11-25-2011 09:12 AM