1. scottishlassy's Avatar
    I want to forward a number straight to voice mail. I have tried doing a search everywhere and can't find the answer. I know I'm supposed to go to my contacts, go the contact that I want to go to voice mail and select that person, and at the bottom of the page is supposed to be the option for sending to voice mail, but I just don't see that option! What am I missing? Please help! Thank you!!!
    12-06-2010 10:50 PM
  2. ragnarokx's Avatar
    Welcome to the forum hastafford! I wish I was familiar with that feature - where did you hear about it, or have you done it before?
    12-07-2010 02:13 AM
  3. anon(42522)'s Avatar
    I just went through the book and I cant find anything on doing it for a single contact. I can do it for all but for just one cant find sorry.
    12-07-2010 10:47 AM
  4. scottishlassy's Avatar
    Thank you for the welcome. I did a search on Google and came across a website that gave steps on how to do it. I guess maybe it was wrong? Darn it all!
    12-07-2010 12:45 PM
  5. anon(42522)'s Avatar
    Point me to that website I 'd like a look at it.
    The other way to send Individual numbers to VM is when they call you just select no and there call will go to VM
    12-07-2010 02:14 PM
  6. scottishlassy's Avatar
    12-07-2010 02:20 PM
  7. anon(42522)'s Avatar
    Yup I see there instruction but it just isnt there on our phones.
    12-07-2010 05:08 PM
  8. Chris Kerrigan's Avatar
    I swear I recall being able to do this on my Droid with Stock Android, but I for the life of me can not find this anywhere online now.
    12-07-2010 05:16 PM
  9. scottishlassy's Avatar
    I'm beginning to wonder if this function went away with the latest update that came out.
    12-07-2010 07:21 PM
  10. JUHI PATHAK's Avatar
    how can i forward cl for one number
    01-23-2013 03:36 AM
  11. Lanhoj's Avatar
    how can i forward cl for one number
    Try "Extreme Call Blocker"--> https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...nker.punchback
    01-23-2013 03:41 AM