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    Hi all,
    I'm currently a TMo subscriber using UMA with a BB Pearl because I have no reception in my house. I am up for an upgrade soon and wanted to ask you all a few questions.

    A few of my friends are able to get 3-4 bars on their ATT iPhones from inside my house. Other friends with Verizon (Driod and Storm) get no bars, while my brother with a MyTouch 3G gets 1 bar. It seems that ATT has recently improved their service in my neighborhood... however, my Mom's phone (basic flip) is also with ATT, but she gets no bars - I am assuming it is due to the iPhone's antennae sensitivity

    How can I compare the antennae sensitivity between the iPhone and the ATT Nexus 1 for example? Where would I find this information?
    06-01-2010 03:03 PM