1. venious's Avatar
    Anyone have any real world recent experience with t mobiles wifi calling feature? Does it pass SMS messages too?

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    04-21-2012 03:23 AM
  2. lmc05's Avatar
    I used it recent while traveling. I'm not sure about the SMS messages, because I just used Google talk to be on the safe side to avoid texting charges.

    Are you looking at using it soon for something?
    04-21-2012 12:13 PM
  3. venious's Avatar
    I get pages via SMS, and if they don't reach me...it would be very bad. I'm on Verizon at the moment, so I don't have a problem. I'm not sure about the coverage at my house, so I was thinking that wifi calling would cover the gap, if there was one.

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    04-21-2012 05:08 PM
  4. mikey3450's Avatar
    I use wifi calling at my house sense my coverage is spotty in my neighborhood. Works great and yes SMS are received as well with out problem
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    04-22-2012 08:41 PM