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    My fiance has been with TMobile for years and recently bought her first smartphone. She was told she was way overdue for an upgrade and could resign, get a new phone and had the 20 day trial option of returning. Well today they are telling her she cant cancel without it being a buyout of contract because it was only an upgrade. To me it seems that by signing the new contract due to data changes, she is more or less a new customer and they should be honoring her returning the phone and walking away. She rarely gets the 4g they raved about and then drops to 2g for most of the time making it hard to use the browser etc. Do they not have 3g there? todays her last day of the 20 days so any help will be great
    04-28-2012 03:55 PM
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    If she changed her plan at the same time as the upgrade that would have extended her two years whether she purchased a device at that point or not so that could be why there would be an early termination fee again. If she left her plan as is then she would be able to reset her contact end date to where it was before.
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    04-29-2012 12:11 AM
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    Seems odd but makes for a nice loop hole for them to mislead someone who knows little about that stuff. She was also told at the time she bought it that she had 20 days but of course her word against theirs. Thanks for the info and I will pass it on to her.
    04-29-2012 12:17 AM
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    It's 20 days if she bought it online or from customer service, 14 days if purchased in store, unless you live in California.
    04-30-2012 01:28 AM