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    Hoping someone can provide some insight as I've searched Tmobile's website and can't get an answer.

    I am thinking about using Tmobile's Simple Choice plan with 2.5 GB data and 50 MB domestic Roaming data for $30.

    Is there an easy way to tell (like seeing the letter R above the phone) if I am domestically roaming and using part of my 50 MB? I assume roaming would be on AT&T.

    Also, I am going on a cruise to Mexico and know that Tmobile allows free roaming in Mexico. I also know I am limited to speeds of 128K. However, will my roaming count toward any kind of limit (as it does domestically) or will I be unlimited in Mexico?

    Lastly, Tmobile does not allow free Global Roaming on the cruise ship itself, so I am going to purchase an International data package for $25 for 200 MB for the week.

    Is there a way to tell when our cruise ship is docked, if my data usage is pulling from the cruise ship tower, where I am limited to 200 MB, or if it is pulling from a Mexican tower, where I may or may not be limited?

    Also, will purchasing the 200 MB International Data pack, improve my speeds in Mexico, but have those speeds restricted once the 200 MB is exhausted?

    I would rather just use as much of the free data in Mexico and save my data pack for the cruise ship itself.

    I am also assuming, that I can restrict Global Roaming on the tablet itself by making sure that setting isn't checked.
    01-12-2014 11:57 PM
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    Just found out that TMobile's International Data Pack doesn't apply to cruise ships. I was a little surprised because Verizon's Global Data plan:

    $25 for 100 MB

    covers cruise ships and also many countries.

    Still not a big deal, because I think once the ships are in port, their tower is turned off and I could use free data in Mexico or my high speed 200 MB data pass.
    01-13-2014 01:34 AM
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    Domestic roaming will simply work (data if you have roaming data option on) and will stop when you hit the 50mb.

    The speeds are limited to 128kbps while roaming, and will not count against your 2.5GB fast speed quota.

    The $25 for 200mb fast internet will simply make the speed be as fast as possible, when you use more than 200mb it will simply slow down to 128kbps and continue unlimited.

    Now, be sure to check with customer service that data roaming while on cruise is blocked, otherwise you might get signal off the ship and get a bill shock, my understanding is that this is the default setting, but it would not hurt to ask and be sure.

    There are no discount data packages for cruises except Verizon, AT&T offers some Cruise packages, but you need to pay $120 for 60 minutes, 100sms and 100mb, as cheaper plans will only include voice and sms.

    Either way, data on the cruise is very slow. I know a company that offers unlimited use: (and have used before) Keepgo - International prepaid 3G data roaming sim cards - avoid internet roaming charges They are not cheap, but might be a good alternative if you can't stay disconnected while onboard. The cruise offers Wi-Fi packages but are unreliable, they usually charge per minute and not per mb making them useless for smartphones.

    If possible, try to stick to ground coverage and enjoy your trip!
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    01-13-2014 07:18 PM
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    Thanks for the info on keepgo. It does appear to be a pretty good deal and better, per megabyte, than either the cruise ship or domestic cellular plan.
    However, I haven't decided if I'll do it. I want connectivity primarily for texting through Google voice and voice-only skype calls.

    I can get 20% off of Verizon's $25 100 mb data plan, so it would be $20 for the 1st 100 mb. I figure that would give me about 45-60 minutes worth of skype calls and nearly unlimited texting. Still, if I knew keepgo worked reasonably well on the ship itself, while at sea, I would seriously consider it.
    01-14-2014 01:59 AM
  5. jcastilloalonso's Avatar
    It won't, the speeds I got while cruising were below 30kbps top. It basically kept my (at the time) BlackBerry email sync and even sometimes the data connection didn't work. Do not plan on using a data connection for voice while on the cruise, it won't work due to latency and speed constrains. Yet you will (or at least should) not have problems while on ground using the roaming partners while in Mexico or any island you visit.

    Just remember that cruises mean a lot of users in a usually not crowded area, I've always experimented very slow data connections until I leave the dock and go into the city, if you want to use voice search for a voice plan, data connections are not there yet to be used for VoIP.
    01-14-2014 02:09 AM

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