1. AgentDecoy's Avatar
    Hi all,

    Question...I ended up having a massive porting fiasco that required about 8-10 calls over the course of 3 days to customer service (this includes those times I had to call back due to a disconnect or bad transfer)...it was a complete mess but its finally figured out now.

    Anyway, after about the 3-4th call the reps started telling me that they are my small "team of experts". Unfortunately, they usually couldn't help and had to transfer me to a porting team that ended up causing the nightmare.

    Anyone heard of this? How are you selected for this? (I asked the rep on the phone and didn't get a solid answer.)

    Also I remember back in the day Sprint cancelling customers for too many calls---any word on T-Mobile doing the same?
    04-03-2017 09:42 PM
  2. racedog's Avatar
    We ported to tmo a month ago and it was a massive fubar. Over the first two weeks I probably put in at least 15 calls. I was never told that they were my "team of experts" or I would have laughed out loud at such a statement. We seem to be working fine now but I was so close to leaving them within the first 15 days that it was only that I had to get busy we other things that I didn't go elsewhere.

    All is fine now and I'm glad I didn't leave but it was an unimpressive start with Tmobile and I was vocal in letting them know how unhappy I was with the start we had with them.
    04-04-2017 08:16 AM
  3. Gojo46's Avatar
    I understand how you felt. I had so many problems, so many customer service reps and so many lies. In short we signed on for 2 lines with TMobile one. 2 lines $100. When I activated the lines the rep said we could have a 3rd line of home Wi-Fi. It wouldn't cost us anything. When I got the bill, it was for $291. I still have no clue why but they dropped the bill to were it should be but now I have to send the Wi-Fi back. It really disappointed me cause I wanted 7th Wi-Fi. I don't understand how these reps can lie like that.
    04-05-2017 03:13 AM

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