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    I have the Samsung Nexus S (Rogers) and it works fine.....except....

    The 4 soft keys at the bottom of the phone do not light up. I've tried finding a setting for those keys and couldn't, have also looked at the Samsung web site but didn't see any helpful information there. Called their support and I knew more about the phone than the person who answered.

    So I'm wondering if someone here would know how to enable/configure the brightness/illumination of the 4 soft keys? It's driving me nuts because at night I cannot see the keys at all.

    Recently did an OTA update (from Rogers) to 2.3.6, but I don't ever seem to remember the keys being bright, so I don't think it's OS-related.


    P.S. This is particularly noticeable and annoying since I also have an HTC Wildfire S and Sensation 4G, and their soft keys are brilliant.
    10-21-2011 10:09 AM