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    I am sure in what will be a surprise or downer to anyone, I quit Android. It finally played out with Best Buy screwing me something fierce.

    So, like you know, Nexus S, ATT, non rooted. Well, yesterday at lunch the waitress spill egg drop soup on my phone. Thankfully I have Best Buy black tie coverage. So, I took my phone, the charger, and the box into the store.

    They carry Nexus S phones. The computer said it was a quick exchange, and they should just give me a new phone. They refused. They said they did not do that. Even though the policy said they do. Even though I saw the guy in front of me get a new Galaxy S.

    So, I gave up. I could care less. Then I asked if they would give me a loaner phone while I wait for my phone to come back. They said they could, for 100 bucks. Also not in the policy. I asked for an android smart phone, they said they do not give out smart phones.

    Then they said I could just buy a cheap go phone, and put my sim in that.

    I got upset, and asked, what does my black tie actually get me, do I get to leave with a phone or do I have to pay to leave with a phone. They said I had to pay.

    I said that was absurd. I said I was going to get an iphone, this was stupid. They then tried to sell me one. I said, no, I am going across the street to ATT and renew my contract and get an iphone.

    I thanked them and walked out.

    So...why did I leave android.

    1. ATT refused to do an OTA to ICS
    2. Best Buy refused to honor there Black Tie Coverage
    3. I have never had a problem with Apple.

    Look, Android is swell. It is a fine OS, and with the sort of trifecta of Chrome, the Device, and the tablet market growing, it will do fine.

    But, the fragmentation, the lack of support, and the horrible experience I have had has turned me sour on it. So, now I am rocking an iphone4s.

    Though, I gotta admit, I am really thinking about jumping to the Nokia Lumia in the next 14 days.
    05-11-2012 03:20 PM
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    Sorry for you.

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    05-11-2012 03:57 PM
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    Sounds like you have a problem with the carrier your on & phone shop, not actually android.

    Buy a sim free model from amazon or something, unlocked, unbranded with faster OTA updates.

    Carrier branded phones are always a pain on the ***.

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    05-11-2012 04:02 PM
  4. I Monarch's Avatar
    Sounds like you didn't understand what you were paying for with Best Buy. You got suckered into their warranty plan, and that's your downfall.
    05-11-2012 04:14 PM
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    No one beats apple in customer service and retail stores are amazing to visit all workers are happy to help yu in anyway. It's a great customer experience

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    05-11-2012 04:31 PM
  6. Citizendino's Avatar
    I do not have a problem with Android. IN fact I pretty much liked my phone. But, the disconnect between the seller (best buy) the carrier (ATT) and Android were too much.
    05-11-2012 10:43 PM