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    first off i would like to say i love the screen quality, its soo clear and size of the phone itself is perfect for me... the S3 jus felt to big for me

    The camera, i have taken very lovely pics no complain there at all

    the biggest thing i hate with this phone its like number 1 prob... the wired headset doesnt work for answering calls... its like the mic on the headset doesnt work on this phone like its disabled or glitched... i would need to have my bluetooth headset or have it on speaker when i drive... seriously LG needs to patch this its 2012 seriously, fix the prob... maybe its just my phone but i read alot of people had probs with this issue... maybe ill tell att to give me a new phone lol

    the phone is a bit sluggish... my HTC Amaze 4G performs faster than my nitro... maybe is the chipset, some hardware or software restrictions... My Amaze 4G has 1.5 dual core and 1gb ram... maybe its cuz of the UI who knows

    also i hate typing on the native android or lg keyboard... its literally one of the worst experiences typing on a phone... ive been using swiftkey, which has made been the game changer typing... but man seriously stock keyboard was soo bad... ive been through many phones, and my experience was never that bad, idk LG needs to get its game together, patch that up or something.

    also i hate the UI and home screen and ETC... if anyone wants a good launcher... Get Apex Launcher the free one... its soooo much better than the LG UI, i usually take off all the animations off to reduce all the lag on the phone to a min... theres still some lag but not as much as with the LG UI

    google navigation is great i use it all the time the gps works.

    LTE if you have it in your city its crazy fast, like damnnn... but the battery drain from the 4g is insane even if the 4g is not even receiving data... if im hanging out and not really gonna use data, jus turn it off... ull save hours of battery life... stay on wifi if you can less battery drain... also try to get a bigger battery if you do plan on use data on a regular basis.

    do get a screen protector and case if you plan on resell this item to buy another future phone... i would say max resell if its unlocked would be max if you get real lucky and know how to bargain a deal $350 USD within 2012 if you are gonna sell mint condition... sell now asap so you can get the best amount of cash for your phone... there are suckers out there so it is possible to get that much, you need to just try.

    p.s. i noe my spelling aint the best, mostly cuz im online and idc, im not writing an english paper so idc... if u can read it, then ur good =]

    leave an comments and thoughts, ill reply =]
    09-22-2012 11:11 PM

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