1. browetally's Avatar
    How do I setup the AT&T messages app to only give me my voice messages and not my text messages? I don't need another place for those.
    11-29-2013 12:48 PM
  2. abbott's Avatar
    You have to call Att, have them remove the Att messages feature, then download att visual voicemail app from the play store.
    11-29-2013 02:21 PM
  3. Dramer77's Avatar
    are you talking about voice mail for you cell phone? why not just DL the visual voicemail app?
    11-29-2013 08:03 PM
  4. dcrow903's Avatar
    Actually when I go to the playstore it says "Your device isn't compatible with this version of software." Anyone else seeing this?

    Posted via Android Central App
    12-07-2013 08:48 PM
  5. GeauxGeauxGadget's Avatar
    I was also wondering this before and have done some research on it. I believe the visual voicemail app is for the people who pay the separate fee att charges for the visual voicemail feature. But, we can get free visual voicemail through the att messages app. I just turned off text message notifications in the settings. I tried to find a way to make the voicemail tab the default view when I open the app but haven't found a way. So I just live with it and press over to the voicemail tab. Hope this helps some.

    Posted via Android Central App
    12-08-2013 11:49 PM
  6. munnarg's Avatar
    AT&T Visual Voicemail is free. I use it daily and got froze that Messages nonsense as soon as I rooted.
    12-09-2013 08:40 AM
  7. chrisngrod's Avatar
    Yeah, I don't pay an additional fee for visual voicemail... Every time I get a new AT&T device, I do these videos. Not many people seem to like the AT&T Messages app.

    12-19-2013 08:15 AM

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