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    My eyes are wide open on what I can do. Wow you don't know hot big the apple walls are tell your on the other side. My eyes have seen the glory. Lol. But no joking when the note 3 was in my hand for 6 hours it felt like I was a 9 year old in the backyard playing because mom wouldn't let me play in the front yard. Now I have a bike and I'm down the road and around the corner. Apple has to make there new iPhone like that movie HER to get me back. And you all know that's not going to happen anytime soon. Question and comments.

    Question : anyone with a rav 4 2012-13 having problems with there contact list?

    Comments: now I'm on the other side I see the SLolbstruggle Lol Struggle your not a apple fan boy. There nothing made for your phone in store. It's ebay or Amazon

    The struggle up there in the sentence I just typed I spoke struggle and wanted to take out the word it miss *** herd me and it lock up and wouldn't let me go back just add. How can I make that stop?

    And where the *** is I was typing and it shot me up all the way to the top and started to type up there ? How do I stop that too ?

    But I love my phone and get all the slack from my buddy making fun of my big &*; phone. I show them things they can never do with apple and they shut up I have tons of questions but this is way too long now. Will talk to you soon
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    04-07-2014 03:36 AM

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