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    I have a rooted att note 3 and the first gear watch.... My gear is telling me I have new firmware to install..... Can i install the firmware to the gear without messing up the root on the phone?
    I am truly illiterate when it comes to rooting my phone... It was done by an online company and the only reason I rooted was for my work. Rooting allowed me permission to do more work related tasks and it truly has saved me a ton of hassle...... My problem is I just don't know much about rooting other than what I do with my phone daily.
    Any help with the watch is appreciated.

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    04-08-2014 03:53 PM
  2. lidspinner's Avatar
    Bueler??? Bueler??? Bueler???

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    04-09-2014 10:47 AM
  3. lidspinner's Avatar
    No one has any idea I take it? Darn it, I don't want to have to create a user name and create a account for xda forums to find the answer. I already researched over there and nothing. That place confuses the **** out of me.

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    04-09-2014 07:54 PM
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    I don't think it matters. The software is going to your watch not the phone.

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    04-09-2014 10:09 PM
  5. lidspinner's Avatar
    That was kind of my thought as well but I didn't want to go messing up my phone..... That's the reason I'm asking, so I can be 100% before I accept the download and when it comes to Mobile technology I am as one to illiterate that you can get. LOL

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    04-10-2014 09:47 AM

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