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    Okay I need to some help. I was able to root my AT&T N3 with KitKat and get the wifi hotspot to be functional once again; all be it via a new app. When I was trying to learn how to root the phone it was discussed that once rooted certain things could be done that would significantly save battery life that couldn't be accomplished absent rooting. Can anyone provide any good insight as to what now can be done in these regards?
    07-26-2014 08:27 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    One of the best is Greenify. It can hibernate some apps unrooted, but when it's running on a rooted phone it can hibernate almost everything. (Don't hibernate your phone, messages or email, or they'll only run when you tell them to, so you'll miss incoming phone calls, and you won't get emails or texts until you look for them. Also don't hibernate your alarm timer - it won't go off unless you're looking at it when it should go off. Use common sense - if you don't want an app running until you run it, hibernate it. If you want it to do something without your running it manually, don't hibernate it.)

    Once you've done that, let the phone sleep (screen dark) for a few hours. Then check the battery, press the graph at the top and look at the Awake line at the bottom. It should be mostly black, meaning that the phone was in deep sleep most of the time. Any blue means that the phone was awake then. You can run Wakelock to see what's waking the phone up if you think it's awake too much of the time. (I've gotten over 4 days of deep sleep on one charge - but I wasn't using the phone, so it just checked for email, messages, etc. every so often.)

    Set your email for at least 1 hour between checks (unless you need to know the moment you get an email). Set the screen to go off in 15 or 30 seconds. (There are apps you can use that will change the screen off time on a per-app basis, so you can sit and read news in Flip without the screen going off every few sentences.)

    It's really a balance of how much you use the phone against how long charge lasts. If you have to be making phone calls all day you're not going to get a full day on a charge. Same thing if you have it playing music all day. (Videos are even worse - the screen is one of the largest users of the battery.) If you MUST get more use of one charge than your usage pattern allows, buy a second battery. (Two good ones and a charger are about $25, so you can keep one in the phone and 2 fully charged ones in your pocket. PLEASE keep them in a plastic bag. Shorting a battery in your pocket with a key can take your leg off. [Just ask Sony.] Lithium Ion technology isn't the best way to go, but it's the most power dense technology we have.)
    07-28-2014 01:02 PM

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