1. seinx's Avatar
    Issues connecting to WiFi through Comcast / Xfinity -- on the phone with tech support now and he says they're working on a firmware update on their modems so that it'll connect properly to WiFi.

    I've been having connectivity issues and am FINALLY talking to someone who knows what's going on. Not an issue with the phones. Hopefully this'll be fixed soon because I don't know about you guys, but I cant afford to go over my data plan!
    05-06-2013 10:00 PM
  2. soooperpotato's Avatar
    I wonder when this update will be released. What connectivity issues were you having with your S4 and the Xfinity modem?
    05-14-2013 03:24 AM
  3. hobbsave's Avatar
    Had a similar issue a few days ago after the AT&T update but a reset of the router fixed the connection

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    05-14-2013 08:52 AM
  4. DadTo4XYs's Avatar
    Were you having issues with your home connection or the XFINITY Hotspot? I'm having issues connecting to their hotspots with my GS4. My iOS devices connect just fine, but when I try to connect on my phone, I get a screen that says XFINITY WiFi is not available with my tier of service. I can connect just fine at home.
    05-15-2013 01:27 PM

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