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    Hello everyone,
    I'm hoping someone in the States with a Galaxy S4 on AT&T can help me by extracting a few ringtones from their phone?
    After borrowing a friends S IV for a few weeks (who bought their S4 from AT&T in the US) I'm trying to get a hold of the default AT&T ringtones (the ones displayed at the top of the Ringtone list)
    They are:
    • AT&T CatchMe
    • AT&T FireFly
    • AT&T PlayOn
    • AT&T StarGazer

    Unfortunately, I've now got my unbranded generic phone and Don't have access to an AT&T branded phone to extract the ringtones.
    I have searched all over the web and can't find any (EDIT: I found AT&T Firefly on another forum post. **I HAVE ATTACHED FIREFLY FOR OTHERS TRYING TO FIND THESE RINGERS. - https://www.dropbox.com/s/2girl51spz...ly_Default.ogg

    Please can someone spare a few minutes and attach the default AT&T ringers (I think they're in .ogg format) for me?
    Any help is much appreciated
    (I have checked Zedge and other Ringtone sites to no avail, and When I did find FireFly, it was not the best of quality.)
    05-21-2013 11:41 AM

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