1. Theolodin's Avatar
    Hello All,

    I recently purchased the S4 and I am noticing an issue with download/upload speeds when I am connected to WiFi. I know that there is an issue with certain routers and that it will connect/disconnect, but I am not experience that issue. For me it is just a speed issue.

    At home we have Verizon FIOS and when I test the speed on my computer (via Speedtest.net) it is in the 84Mbps range up and down, but when I connect to the router via WiFi on my GS 4 and use the Speedtest app, I will get an download speed of at max 3-4Mbps and an upload speed of at 6-8Mbps (with a spike of 40Mbps).

    I just recently tested my speed at an AT&T Wifi Hotspot, and it was very low (1.5Mbps down, and .5Mbps down).

    Is there an issue with my phone?
    06-13-2013 02:49 PM
  2. Fuego's Avatar
    Just out of curiosity, when you tested with your computer were you connected to your FIOS router via Wi-Fi or wired? Your phone using Wi-Fi will never see wired speeds.

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S4
    06-15-2013 11:30 AM

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