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    I have S-Voice on my S4 set to respond to a custom voice command on the lock screen, which I found to be very responsive and useful. However, once I start, it works quite different than my S3 did. Here's an example of what's happening.

    Phone on lock screen
    Me: Hi Galaxy
    Phone opens to S-Voice and waits for command or button press
    Me: Hi Galaxy
    Phone starts listening
    Me: Send a text to John Doe
    Phone asks which number and then waits for command or button press
    Me: Presses button as I'm tired of saying Hi Galaxy before everything I say
    Phone reads back my dictated text, which is good enough, and then asks if it should send it and then waits for command or button press again
    Me: Frustrated, I push the button again and the phone finally sends the message.

    On my S3, after I would say a command such as "send a text to John Doe", the S3 would ask which number and then the beep would ring and it would automatically start listening for me to continue on, much like Siri works. However, for whatever reason, my S4 waits for my command or a button push EVERY time and it's a pain while I'm driving as I used to be able to send my wife a message or even dial our home phone so easily before. Now I have to take my eyes off the road to push the button or hope that it catches my command each time.

    I've gone through the settings multiple times, changed and few, and still can't find how to change it up. Any ideas on what I'm having issues with this?
    06-25-2013 10:25 PM

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