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    I REALLY want to like this phone but it is becoming very hard. I had been looking for a good excuse to get off the iphone bandwagon for some time. Sick of apples stale products and releasing new phones that are essentially the same as the last with a new number on them. This phone seemed to be great from all the reviews I had read so I thought I had found my "great escape." Since getting it I have had one issue after the next. First it was lag so I spent forever on google trying the many different ways to prevent the lag. Clearing the cache, Disabling s-voice, "unlocking" the developer options to turn all the animation times to 0, the list goes on. After no succes I ended up having to restore the phone to factory settings but that seemed to fix the problem.
    Next problem- after the restore the phine will no longer connect to kies via USB or over wifi. I have tried the many different remedies for this as well. USB debugging, kies troubleshooting walkthrough etc.
    Next problem- my GPS has stopped working. Google maps or any other app cannot find my location with only the "use gps satellites" box selected. If you check BOTH boxes in the settings under location services it will work fine ("use GPS satellites" and "use wireless networks")it will work accordingly but that only tells me im using my mobile data. This wasnt this way before but just resently happened. It wasnt such a bother until I tried to use the "golflogix GPS" app which requires you to uncheck the wireless networks box and have only the GPS box selected. So no matter what I cannot get it to track/find my location. I have ensured the apps have the proper permissions and gos is turned on. Here is the funny part. I installed the new update to my phone two nights ago (had to roll my clock forward up to 3 days before it found the update. Thanks for that info btw guys ;-). Thats actually how I found this forum...lol anyway back to the point. After installing the update my phone hadbt ran better. The GPS worked great and the phone seems to run more fluently (stilk will nit connect to kies though) Until I woke up this morning and now the GPS issue is back. So I am at my wits end with this thing. I didnt even mention how samsung has put out a phone promoting all the cool features but expects you to keep them turned off until or your battery will last long enough for you to unplug it and drive to work before its begging for the charger again.
    Idk it just seems that you have ti do alot of things with this phone that the company should have done themselves or found a more convenient way to fix sone issues. I shouldnt have to tap something seven times to "unlock" some settings or turn off features that is the whole reason I bought the phone, or look to outside developers to make applications to fix things or make my experience smoother.
    Outside of these issues this phone rocks and blows anything else out of the water. I really hope to fix these issues so i can get the full potential of the device. But it seems many others have had the same issues so it worries me.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    07-13-2013 10:56 PM
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    I agree with the sentiment that it should work, fully featured, for longer than you need it to without your intervention.
    07-13-2013 11:13 PM
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    *UPDATE* have just found out that the GPS will work if I do the following: Start whatever app it is (I.e. golflogix or google maps, I tried both apps to ensure it wasnt an issue with a partucular app and this seems to work for any app)when I get to the point where the app starts "tracking sattellites" I pull down the notifications bar and turn off then back on the gps. And BAM it will then find my location. .....weird

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    07-13-2013 11:15 PM
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    This phone is indeed being a huge trouble some. Samsung seems to feel like a king now so they feel entitlement to not only act like sellouts in a way by locking down boot loaders at carrier request. I'm considering selling it just to go back to my note or a moto x once out. ;!)

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    07-13-2013 11:16 PM

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