1. CarlosSpiceyW's Avatar
    HI All

    Im an ex-apple Fan boy....who has had his Galaxy S4 for 3 days.

    The Good.
    Responsive as hell
    Camera Rocks
    SD card should be a standard on all cell phones no matter who makes them
    Love the vivid colors.

    The Bad
    My first problem was with the brand new version of gmail. Every time i got mail in my notifications....instead of a list view it was a giant mother notification and then a few small ones after that. I later learned you can resize that with a swipe of your hand...then that if you uninstall the update that, that would fix it. It did....kinda. I then tried the samsung mail app...which sucked. It didnt scale to fit the content. I tried aquamail...which was ok, but not as responsive as gmail.

    Second. Browsers. I know there are like a thousand of them. I started with the stock browser (which i ended up liking the best). But i had a major glitch. Every time i tried to do a google search and use search tools (time..place) it would die on me. Either freeze of would not recognize what i was trying to do. I tried them chrome...ehh, boat...ehh, next. double ehh.

    I contacted a rep from samsung....and he told me to try wiping the cashe...try this try that. Even tried a factory reboot.


    Then he tells me i might have a lemon.

    Wonderful. What the ^#%#$@!! are the odds that i want to try android for the first time and i get brick.

    Everything else works great....but im unsure what to do. The two things i use this phone for more then anything else....email and browsing dont work.

    Anyone have any helpful hints at a fix?


    07-17-2013 06:16 PM
  2. hodan's Avatar
    Exchange it. The browser hanging is not normal behavior.
    07-18-2013 12:00 AM
  3. markbc's Avatar
    If you are still in the phone-exchange time window I agree -you should get a replacement. . .
    -- the Gmail thing is not a big deal, but the browser should not be hanging or crashing. . .mine haven;t and don't

    Of course, that may not be a phone problem. It might be a function of the internet connection -try replicating the issue using
    1. different data connections (different cell towers/locations).
    2. different wifi networks
    3. different browsers as well.

    All this to confirm that it is not the connection and that it is the phone or its software.
    Also, do any other data connections hang?

    Finally, are the visual functions -like visual scrolling or maintaining alignment with the face or the like turned on? These (and other high-speed features) may induce lag for folks who are unaccustomed to using them. . .
    Worth looking at that aspect. (try turning off all of those options and then working the phone -then re-enable them one by one. It took me a while to get the hang of how to use some of these (and some I simply don't use!)

    If you are out of the easy exchange time window, and your don't mind reentering your data, you could do a factory reset and start again with a "fresh" phone. That might cure the browser issues.

    As to the default browser, well, it really is not so hot --did you try #1 Dolphin Browser? It is probably the best browser, at least by popular acclaim.
    You mentioned Boat Browser which is quite quick, simple, small footprint yet offers many add ons. The more I use it the more I like it. It does Flash better than most (when you add back flash to the phone)...
    Chrome is certainly very different and folks love or hate it quickly.
    Firefox is not quite like its desktop counterpart. . but it is drawing attention as well.

    I believe all of them (well maybe not Chrome) are better than the vanilla default web browser. Anyway, you do have many more you can chose from -yet Dolphin seems both popular and reliable...

    OK, this phone should deliver stable and reliable performance without glitch. The S4 has not had any bad software/hardware glitches that I can recall. The only issue I have heard about is folks breaking the screen while their phone is in their pockets. ( I have not had that happen, but I have read about it -soft frame or something!).

    Good Luck
    07-20-2013 06:54 AM

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