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    As title states, I have my G4 set to retrieve my msn emails as POP3. Yes, I'm aware that MSN can be set as active syc retrieval, however I retrieve my work email from an exchange server as active sync. When I have both msn AND my work retrieved both thru active sync, bad things happen- my phone starts to heat up. (really it does and folks on this forum helped me stop that from happening by suggesting I switch my msn to pop3-- thank you forum!).

    Great... no more hot phone. New problem- two to three times per day, I get a visual and audio notification "sign in to MSN failed". I am getting msn emails the rest of the time, and am able to send. If not for the annoyance of the repeated notifications, all would be fine. (yes, I've set phone for manual msn retrieval for middle of night so I don't get woken by notifications).

    Yes, I know I can switch email providers, but I'd love to be able to figure this out since I've had this email for 10+ years and it's grown on me . I've searched this issue on google, and here, and since I'm not finding other people complaining, I'm guessing it's a user setting or issue.

    Any thoughts?
    07-31-2013 05:29 PM

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