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    I wanted my name to show up on people's caller IDs when I used my new S4, so I figured if I edited the My Info to have my name instead of My Info showing it would work. I guess because the my husband bought the phone is why his name shows up instead. The weird thing is that when I call his cell phone from my phone, my name does show up, but when I call my mom or a friend, his name shows up! The other weird thing that just started happening is that suddenly there is a number '1' in front of my number and now there are two profiles instead of one in my contacts list where my number is located. Since they are duplicates, I would like to delete one of them to see if the number '1' in front of my phone number will go away. My friends tell me they don't have to dial a 1 in order to reach me, but when I call them, my number does now show up with a number 1 before the actual phone number. Any suggestions?
    09-01-2013 11:22 PM

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