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    I installed this widget so that I wouldn't have to dig through my settings every time I wanted to toggle my hotspot on or off. When I had previously used my hotspot/tethering everything was smooth and fine and the hotspot showed up as 'SAMSUNG GALAXY S4' -etc. on my computer and would connect fine. After I installed this app, I gave it all of its permissions and whatnot, then decided it was not what I wanted. I have since uninstalled the app. My hotspot now shows on my computer as 'SVTP samsung galaxy s4' -etc. and prompts me to avoid connecting to it because the connection is not secure. How can I reset my hotspot settings? Is there some default setting I can reset to or clear? I am not using a plan for my tethering/hotspot, my phone is rooted with I guess you could call a proxy file in the spot of the hotspot that activates it for free. Must I redo that installation?
    09-03-2013 08:00 PM

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