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    I'm not sure why I can't get my phone book to transfer in my car. I have a 2009 Honda Pilot and a new Galaxy S4 phone. I was able to get it my husband's phone book from his htc inspire to import to the Nav System so I was able to use his phone book for the last couple of months since my s4 never would import. for some reason the other day when I was going to use my phone book it said there wasn't a phone book there. Again I tried to import the HTC phone book from my husband's HTC Inspire and it said there was an error transferring. It acts like it is importing but then it says it can't finds my phone book it cannot transfer it. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. It used to work with his HTC and now it won't. I can't imagine what might have changed to cause it to stop transferring. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
    10-29-2013 03:40 AM
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    I finally got my Galaxy S4 to import my phonebook to my Honda Pilot Nav system. I first had to remove all the phonebooks I named in the Navigation set up.( I had 4 that I named but never transferred) Here is what I did:
    I press the button on the steering wheel and say “phone setup’ The HFL (hands free link) will say ‘Phone setup options are’ status (that tells you the names of all the phonebooks you entered), Pair, Edit, Delete and List. Say ‘Status” so you can hear the exact names of all so you know what names to tell it to delete. Keep repeating the option to ‘delete’ until it tells you there are no phonebooks listed. Now make sure you Bluetooth is on and Say “Phone setup” and this time chose and say “Pair”. It then tells you to say a 4 digit code and to remember the code for when the phone asks for it. Now look on your phone and when your phone finds the HFL select it,(you might have to press the Bluetooth icon off and on again to get the window to pop up where you must enter the code then select okay. You MUST enter a code for the phonebook to import! It will pair without a code but phonebook won’t import) Then it tells you ‘a phone has been found’ and asks what you want to name your phone. Give it a name. It then tells you the phone has been paired and returning to the main menu. You might need to turn your car off and remove the key then restart before if the import phonebook is grayed out.
    To import phonebook, look in your navigation system for where you select to import the phonebook. ( I press the Info button) Press the ‘import phonebook’ button to start the import... Your phone might have to allow..(look for popup on phone) After contacts import, it tells you how many names transferred and you select okay. Mine transferred only the contacts from the folder called My Contacts. I had a few different lists. All my contacts happen to be Google and a few of them I added photos to so I’ll know who it is when they call. Neither of those things affected the outcome. I’d read that they might cause problems.
    I kept my car running a long time because I was trying to figure out why mine wouldn’t transfer. You don’t want to run down your battery or get asphyxiated in your garage if the door is down more than a few minutes.
    I hope this will save a few people the heart ache I went through. I even downloaded a few apps to help and uninstalled them before it finally all came together.
    11-09-2013 08:06 PM

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