1. Greg Riegler's Avatar
    I'm not sure how the update OTA works, whether it checks AT&T Directly or calls back to the service provider via the sim settings, but I'm not able to get the update from my system settings. I'm wondering if it's because of using StraightTalk and a Tracfone sim card, or I'm just unlucky...? It is an AT&T branded Galaxy S4, and when I'm around AT&T wireless networks like at McDonalds it automatically connects and says welcome to an AT&T wireless network. So it isn't completely shielded from AT&T services.

    IF anyone can offer any insight, that'd be great. Thanks!
    11-14-2013 04:22 PM
  2. nickloss's Avatar
    I have a GS4 on Straight talk and I'm also not receiving the update. My old GS3 got updates on straight talk so I'm not sure what the issue is here. Its even worse because MF3 is not supported by Kies so I can't force the update. Somebody please help!
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    11-15-2013 12:36 PM
  3. Greg Riegler's Avatar
    I tried using my girlfriend's AT&T Sim card today and after several tries, still no luck. She got her Galaxy S4 update like right away on the first try.
    11-15-2013 04:15 PM
  4. Bobby Lane1's Avatar
    Yes I would love to know how to update the phone with the Straight Talk ATT sim Also!
    11-15-2013 04:55 PM
  5. Greg Riegler's Avatar
    Not sure if it's straight talk or my phone. I took my phone to the Samsung guys at BestBuy, and they used their software to update my phone. 3 times they tried. It showed on the phone's screen that it was updating, but after each time of seemingly apparent success, my version number stayed at 4.2.2. Not sure what's going on. We tried setting my APN settings to AT&T and then removing my sim card, hoping it wouldn't throw any red flags to the software - if that was the issue. Not sure if AT&T has blacklisted my device from the upgrade or what... sad.
    11-17-2013 10:47 AM
  6. nickloss's Avatar
    ATT has pulled the update due to issues, thats why we arent seeing it
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    11-17-2013 04:08 PM

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