1. turbojimmy68's Avatar
    Just got a Galaxy S4. When I open the Messaging (text) app or the GMail app, instead of bringing me to a list of messages or a new message that just came in, it will open a random message from some point in the past. On my HTC, for example, Messaging would open the most recent, unread text message that came in. I would simply type a response and hit send. In this case, it opens a random message from random people resulting in several embarrassing messages sent to the wrong people. Ditto with GMail.

    Anyone experience this?
    05-12-2014 10:26 AM
  2. metle_geek's Avatar
    Your going to have to be more specific as I'm not exactly following you are you trying to send mass text??

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    05-13-2014 05:16 AM

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