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    I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 running 4.4.2. The phone is basically stock (I'm using a different launcher). I recently bought a Plantronics Voyager Legend bluetooth. At first it worked fine. Occasionally, when I made a call using the Plantronics all calls after that call were muted: I could not hear anything and the person on the other end could not hear me. Even when I disconnected bluetooth and used the phone directly everything was muted. I had to reboot the phone or do a reset of the Plantronics to get the sound back. The problem continued to get worse until now after the first call I make using the Plantronics all calls are muted and I have to reboot. Strangely, I can still hear music over the Plantronics under these conditions. The Plantronics appears to pair normally and remain paired.
    This is what I did to troubleshoot:
    1. I talked with Plantronics, updated the software and eventually they sent me a replacement Legend, which of course made no difference.
    2. I've checked the volume sets on the phone and Plantronics and they are set to medium high.
    3. I have force stopped all apps which also made no difference.
    4. Uninstalled Utter and Secure Settings which I had used with voice control and suspected that it might be causing a problem - didn't make a difference.
    5. Disconnected wi-fi.

    I think that the file or process or whatever that mutes the phone while making calls with a headset must have been corrupted but I don't know enough about that to tell. My next move will be to do a complete factory re-set of the phone and wipe out everything loaded on the phone, unless someone out there can figure out another way.

    Thanks for any help. JH
    10-28-2014 03:37 PM
  2. JimJimmyJimJim's Avatar
    I guess I'll reply to my own post since no one else seems to have any input. Apparently, this is a common problem with some androids and Ok Google. When Ok Google is set to voice recognition from any screen it will conflict with other apps or devices that use the mic on some phones. Turning off the "recognize from any screen" and from the lock screen will prevent this. So far I have not found a solution whereby you can use the recognition from any screen and the other devices like a blue tooth head set at the same time. This is very frustrating since I like to use Ok Google as my hands free system in the car.
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    12-01-2014 05:27 PM
  3. Boooya's Avatar
    What is OK google and how do I turn it off. I have s similar problem with my Mote 4 on Android 5.0. where the headset just disconnects for no reason and then reconnects. Any help is greatly appreciated
    EDIT - -I found the OK Google settings and have made the change. Keeping my fingers crossed that it works.
    10-07-2015 08:57 AM

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