1. js burg's Avatar
    Over the weekend, the phone downloaded and installed an OS upgrade. Now I get a message which states I am over my data usage limit. However, I am not and have confirmed so with AT&T. Any idea how to fix this glitch without wiping out everything and going to back to factory defaults? Looking to determine how to reset data usage limits and stop the messages about exceeding my limit.
    11-06-2014 12:22 PM
  2. KCAndroid1's Avatar
    So you mean a phone warning, not a message from AT&T? In your settings, there is a data usage monitor, and a checkbox and related stuff to define a data limit and tell you when you're approaching or exceeding it. I don't remember the exact menu path, but it's the same place where you can turn your mobile data on/off.

    (Samsung phones, at least the S3, have an app called Usage Monitor but I don't know if it's on the S4). It'll also let you set the dates to match your monthly billing cycle.
    11-06-2014 12:46 PM
  3. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Are you getting a message or a warning? It might be that your warning/data limits are set in the Mobile Data section of your settings. It's where you see how much you've downloaded and by which app. This also lets you set a 'warning' level and a data cap level, and you can set it to either notify you on both or if your phone should stop all mobile data connections if you meet your data cap level. This is set by you, not the carrier.
    11-06-2014 12:47 PM
  4. js burg's Avatar
    It is definitely a phone message not AT&T. Yes - I can turn off the data usage limit function but that does not fix the issue. Just stops the symptom. Any other thoughts?
    11-06-2014 01:19 PM
  5. js burg's Avatar
    It is not related to the settings. The setting is correct but the phone's interpretation of how much data has been used is not correct.
    11-06-2014 01:21 PM
  6. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Can you post a picture of the message you're getting and the data report you're seeing, please?
    11-06-2014 01:26 PM
  7. KCAndroid1's Avatar
    Since this is a Samsung phone, do you have a "Usage Monitor" or similarly named factory app? Then you can go to Settings-Apps and clear its data.
    11-06-2014 01:40 PM
  8. js burg's Avatar
    This is a factory default item.Settings...Data usage. There is no Settings-Apps option as far as I can see.
    11-06-2014 05:02 PM
  9. SpookDroid's Avatar
    He meant Settings, Application Manager. There you could clear cache/data from a specific app, but I'm still not sure this is due to an app. That's why I wanted to see the message that appears and the data monitor report you're seeing, if that were possible.
    11-06-2014 05:12 PM
  10. KCAndroid1's Avatar
    Yes, that is what I meant. Thanks.
    11-06-2014 05:37 PM

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