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    Hello, I'm trying to fix a GS4 for a friend. He brought it to me and was complaining about his phone not charging. So I looked at it and his charger port looked pretty bad, so I ordered a whole new charger assembly and replaced it today. The charger works now, But now it will only turn on while the phone is charging. It is also over heating as soon as I turn it on and the phone locks me out of settings from overheating so I can't check anything there. I tried doing a factory reset from recovery and It still overheats. And by overheat, I mean this thing gets just about too hot to touch within 3-5 minutes. It gets hot from underneath the SD card slot, but there is no SD card installed.

    I talked to my friend about it and he said that it didn't used to overheat like that before. He said he didn't drop it or get it wet, so I am at loss of what the problem could be. I was thinking maybe the old charger port crossed some pins and shorted something out or something? He did say the phone updated itself a few days ago but I doubt this is a firmware problem.

    Any help would be great.

    Edit: This chip right here is the one getting hot. I'm guessing it's either the cpu or gpu. Is there anything that I can do?
    Edit 2: I looked it up and that chip is called "Qualcomm PM8917 power management" Is my only option to replace the whole logic board?
    Trying to fix GS4 (SCH-R970)-20150819_165904.jpg
    08-19-2015 05:26 PM
  2. spagman's Avatar
    The PMIC could be at fault.... or other components close to the PMIC... Like a shorted resistor or blown cap.

    If you have a hot air rework station you can try replacing the PMIC.
    08-19-2015 11:19 PM

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