1. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    With your Samsung Infuse, do you have a password set?

    Also, just to confirm, the only way to 'wake' the screen is by pressing the power button, right?

    I'm wondering if I should not have a password, or set the screen timeout to longer than one minute.

    08-16-2011 10:01 PM
  2. bforbaker's Avatar
    I don't since you cant wake the phone up any other way.
    It just a waste of time.
    08-16-2011 10:33 PM
  3. estebanj's Avatar
    Only way to power on is via on/off button. There is a thread that talks about apps that may accomplish this.

    I don't use a pw on mine. I find the screen swap sufficient and if someone steals my phone, I think it's easy enough for them to find a backdoor to get into the phone anyways.

    08-16-2011 10:49 PM
  4. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    ...so do you still keep your screen timeout to about a minute?
    08-16-2011 10:56 PM
  5. sphinx23's Avatar
    I use the pattern password, while having the phone timeout set to 15 seconds to try and keep my battery life as much as I can through out the day
    08-17-2011 01:42 AM
  6. bforbaker's Avatar
    Mine is a minute time out.
    But if I'm not using it I lock it.
    So it saves the battery anyways.
    08-17-2011 02:16 AM
  7. SCjRqrQCnBQ19QoYCtdl's Avatar
    I don't password mine. I also dowloaded the app "No Lock" from the market. I put a shortcut to it on my home screen. That way I can easily toggle screen locking on or off depending on the circumstances. I set the timeout to 15 seconds. With locking disabled, it is it wakes back up on power button push without going to the lock screen. If I am putting it in my pocket, I will usually toggle the lock screen back on.
    08-17-2011 09:38 AM
  8. Cranky's Avatar
    I have a sim password set, but not for the screen. I use the No Lock Widget, that way no swiping.

    Not sure if it's standard, but I can wake mine up with the Vol keys too. I use Launcher Pro and the Gingerbread ROM. So, if it's not standard, that's how I got that.

    There's also another app, that will let you shake your Infuse to wake it up to.
    08-17-2011 08:00 PM
  9. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    I think I might try the 'pattern' option. Entering the numbers is becoming annoying. Also, I think I've figured that if NO password is set, then the volume keys can be used to 'wake' the device.

    Albeit, weird, since I did it all the time on the iPhone...
    08-17-2011 08:33 PM
  10. tunie's Avatar
    I don't use a password but, when I travel I do. I also downloaded an app from the market called NoLock. It stops the lock screen from working but the phone still goes on standby. I have mine set for 2minutes. I love not having to swipe the lock screen all the time. When I'm carrying it around though, I disable NoLock to make sure my phone can't dial out.
    08-18-2011 10:31 AM
  11. cvmfour's Avatar
    Thanks for the "no lock" solution guys. In the back of my mind I was always worried that the power button would wear out since you had to press it to get the screen to light up. Now I can wear out the volume button lol
    08-19-2011 07:37 AM