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    hey guys I am new to this forum so and I am having the same problem as everyone else is having who is tryin to update to Ginger bread. after searching and searching the web and forums I keep seeing people talk about odin and that is will put my phone back to uckh5(or what ever its called lol) I am uckh1 right now and I downloaded ODIN v 1.70 from anoother thread in this forum, but I just dont know how to use it lmao.
    Do I just plug my phone in and press start or what and no my phone is not rooted. I just want this stupid update and my kies says unregistered device. I registered my phone through samsung and still no dice. please help.......I know you guys have answered this probably numerous times and I hate asking the same questions as everyone else but its been 3 days of research and now im gonna shoot myself lmao.

    OH yeah and i keep trying to download the gtg unbrick and everytime I get halfway through the download it stops and sAys the server was reset. wtf is that about. help help help
    02-04-2012 08:03 PM
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    02-04-2012 11:31 PM