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    AC posted a few articles on this exploit last week such as Major security vulnerability in some Samsung phones could trigger factory reset via web page | Android Central

    The vulnerable devices pointed out were mainly S2 and S3 (proved not so much S3 since they were patched) but since having to still use the Infuse 4G as my daily device I figured I'd see if the devices is vulnerable. Sure enough it is and I have proof in the following video

    I reached out to Samsung to see whether or not a patched or update was planned but was given the canned response of no such issue. However now that I have posted the video on G+ and Twitter Samsung has said they have passed the issue on internally and are evaluating.

    Anyway, short summary don't click on untrusted links sent to you by strangers or on untrusted sites. There is an app in the play Store called NoTelURL which will at least prompt you and I have confirmed that it does work assuming you don't choose 'dialer' as the action

    Let's see what Samsung does for these older devices, not holding my breath on any updates though.
    10-02-2012 04:56 PM

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