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    Been testing a few Games on my phone since yesterday.

    Asphalt 8: Was lagging on the London and Tokyo course. I Froze unused apps and it ran like a charm, small lags on those courses, other courses run perfectly.

    AVP Evolution: Runs perfectly with highest quality graphic setting.

    Blood And Glory: Runs Perfectly... Enough said.

    Conduit HD: Runs at great fps, no lag but sometimes enemy body parts appear transparent.

    Death Dome: Lags alot in the game menu, actual gameplay is very great with no lag.

    EPOCH: Short test but runs perfectly.
    RavenSword: Runs great with minimal lag every now and then, 100% playable

    Skiing Fred: Usually lags but after i froze some apps it runs smoothly (zero lag) with highest graphic quality.

    FIFA 2014: Runs perfectly smooth, no lag!

    My Thoughts: I think the major downfall of the infuse is the low ram (500MB) freezing some apps that would usually be running in the background gives the phone a real boost.


    App Quarantine: uses this batch freezes apps it with a easy to use interface and it has a free version (which i use)

    Phone Performance Menu:
    Cpu minimum freq: 400mhz
    Cpu maximum freq: 1600mhz
    Governor: INTERACTIVE (haven't tried the others)

    I/O Scheduler: BFQ(haven't tried the others)

    Memory Management
    Allow purging of assets: checked
    Kernel samepage merging: checked

    I've heard people giving seeder good reviews, you can add that to your apps, haven't tried it on the infuse yet tho.

    Samsung Galaxy S Infuse 4G
    Cyanogenmod 10.2 JB 4.3 (scott)

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