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    Greeting. Here are some resources I used to root and update this phone. I cover everything from: rooting, installing kernel with CWM Recovery, using CWM to flash custom roms, and restoring the device to factory stock. You need to root the device first to perform any of the steps afterward.

    This is for Windows only. You'll need it to get your phone recognized while plugged in as ADB and Download Mode. To get the driver, go to official Samsung Infuse 4G page, click on the "Downloads" tab on the page. Download the smaller file titled "Device(Install),User Guide (Software) (ver.5_2_0_2)".

    If you still have issues getting drivers detected, try this Galaxy S driver package. Another alternative, while the phone is connected to the PC, on Windows, go to Control Panel -> Windows Update, and click on "Check for updates", it might be able to find the proper driver.

    >>> ROOT:
    Use the app Framaroot to root it, then reboot. That's all you'll need.

    To get CWM Recovery, you have to install a custom kernel that have it integrated. Afterward you can use CWM Recovery to flash a custom rom. To flash a custom kernel:
    -Install the app SGS kernel flasher.
    -Download this Synthesis kernel to the phone. (I recommend the file "2012.05.20-CWM-Infusion-GB-Zen-CoreB-14.zip" or "2013.04.30-CWM-Synthesis-1.2Ghz.zip".)
    -Run the "SGS kernel flasher" app and flash the kernel's zip file, then reboot the phone.
    -Wait a few minutes for the kernel to update your phone.

    While the phone is powered off:
    -Make sure the phone is not plugged into a USB cable.
    -Simultaneously hold VOL UP + VOL DOWN + POWER.
    -When you see the white Samsung logo appears, let go of the POWER button while still holding VOL UP & VOL DOWN.
    -Soon you will see the CWM recovery menu appear. Use volume buttons to navigate and Power button to activate a menu option.

    This can be tricky, so keep retrying if you can't get it. Hold all three buttons first, then make sure to not let go of the volume buttons until CWM menu appear. Try removing and reinserting your battery between tries.

    >>> HOW TO FLASH AND UPDATE TO CM9 (ICS) and CM11 ROM (KitKat):
    This can be tricky, but follow each steps carefully and it'll actually be easy. If at anytime you messed up and can't get the phone to boot into the OS no matter what you tried, then restore factory stock image using ODIN, the instruction for that is below this section. After that, you can retry rooting and flashing again. Flashing ODIN image (generally) will not erase files in your internal storage.

    For successful installation of Jelly Bean/KitKat rom: STOCK -> Flash ICS 4.0 (CM9 rom) -> Flash JB/KitKat
    4.2-4.4 (CM10/CM11 rom).
    WRONG / WILL NOT WORK: STOCK -> Flash JB/KitKat rom.


    0. Optional/Recommended: Backup EFS
    Download the CWM flashable EFS backup zip file here, flash it in CWM to backup your IMEI info. Also backup any other important data you have in the phone.

    1. Download one or both of these roms and copy them into the phone storage:
    CM9 rom for the Infuse.
    CM11 rom for the Infuse.
    CM9 ICS gapps.
    CM10/CM11 JB/KitKat gapps. (These are modular gapps, so they are split into smaller packages and take up less space, you only need to flash the "GApps Core" file to get PlayStore and Syncing to work.)

    2. Boot into CWM recovery. The CWM menu text will probably be red or green.

    3. Do a wipe. Select the menu option: wipe data/factory reset
    (DO NOT format /system partition this time, if you do, the next step might not work.)

    4. Install CM9 (ICS) rom:
    -Select the menu option: install zip from sdcard
    --Then select option: choose zip from sdcard
    ---Select the CM9 rom zip file to flash and confirm the install.

    -After the install is completed, select: Go back
    --Then select: reboot system now [do it right away, don't flash or wipe anything at this point]
    ---The phone will get stuck at the "Galaxy S CyanogenMod" logo screen, this is expected.
    -----Remove and reinsert the phone battery.
    ------Manually boot the phone back into ClockworkMod Recovery. This time the CWM Recovery menu will be updated and is colored blue, instead of red.

    -In the new CWM Recovery menu, reinstall the CM9 rom the second time. You may flash this "gapps" package this time as well.
    --After the rom finished installing, reboot the phone and let it boot once into the CM9 rom.

    You may stop here if you want to stick with CM9, for now I recommend sticking with CM9 ICS, it run faster and more stable with less issues.

    5. Install CM11 (KitKat) rom:
    While in CWM Recovery, do a full wipe:
    -Select menu option: wipe data/factory reset
    --This time, also select: mounts and storage --> format /system
    ---Select Go back to go back to main menu.

    Now install the CM11 rom:
    -Select the menu option: install zip from sdcard
    --Then select option: choose zip from sdcard
    ---Select the CM11 rom zip file to flash and confirm the install.
    ----You will get the error "This ROM uses an incompatible partition layout...", this is expected.

    The error said you can flash the rom, but your /data partition will be wipe. Go ahead and flash the CM11 rom again.

    -The rom will install and automatically reboot into CWM Recovery. Leave the phone alone at this point and let the installation process continue.
    --When it's done, the phone will auto reboot into CWM Recovery for the second time. This time, just reboot the phone by selecting: reboot system now, it should boot into CM11.


    If your phone is working fine, you have no need to do this. But if you mess something up while trying to install custom rom, you can use ODIN to restore the phone to factory state. You need to use a Windows program called "ODIN" which is used to flash stock Samsung image and your phone need to be connected to the PC while in "Download mode".

    To connect your phone in Download Mode:
    -Connect a USB cable to the PC, but do not connect your phone to the other end of the cable yet.
    -With the phone powered off and unconnected (with battery installed), hold down both Volume buttons, then connect the phone to the USB cable (while still holding the Volume buttons).
    -The phone will give you a warning and say to press Volume Up to continue to Download mode. You should see the screen with a yellow triangle and the Android shoveling.
    -At this point, if you don't already have the proper drivers installed, the PC will try searching for it. Use the USB drivers I linked in the top of this post.
    -After the drivers are properly installed, run the ODIN program. On the top left of the ODIN program window, under the text ID:COM, you should see in a highlighted box below with the text "COM#", # being any number, this indicate ODIN is properly detecting the phone.

    Download the Infuse 4G AT&T UCLB3 Stock image. Follow the rest of the instruction in that page to flash the image. In short:
    -The biggest "PDA tar file" you extracted is the main OS and need to be inserted into the PDA field in the ODIN program.
    -The "PHONE tar file" is the modem (or radio), need to be inserted in the PHONE field.
    -The "pit" file holds the partition table information of the phone memory, goes in the PIT field.


    Installing the latest modem could improve the signal quality. Just flash the modem zip file while in CWM Recovery. Here is the collection of compatible modems for the Infuse 4G.

    >>> Rainbow distortion when booting into custom recovery
    I have never had this problem myself, but if you ever run into some kind of rainbow distortion issue that prevent you from using CWM Recovery, flash this Gingerbread bootloader using ODIN to fix the problem.
    01-12-2014 06:10 PM
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    after installing kernel phone stucks at logo screen help
    10-26-2015 12:20 AM

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