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    I read many of the forums on how to do this and I see there is the Kies option or the Odin option.
    I'm trying to get the phone to work with TMobile for a few months until I can upgrade/move, possibly Verizon.
    I got the unlock code from ATT. I also understand the bands are not the same but I'm ok with the speed it will have... I don't use data that much, mostly phone and text. I am buying a TMobile sim card to fit in the Infuse.

    Should I unlock the phone with the new sim and then attempt the Froyo to GB update or should I do the update first? Not sure if it will even let me.
    Your help is appreciated, need to get by with this phone for a little, but Froyo is too old, lots of normal apps won't work with it...
    Thanks a lot in advance...
    01-16-2015 01:10 AM

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