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    Based on what I've read on numerous forums and blogs, Samsung has a bad track record of updating its devices (to newest version of Android) after release. Is this true? If so, do we have any reason to believe that "this time" (in reference to the Infuse getting bumped from Froyo 2.2 to Gingerbread 2.3) it'll be different? I mean, it seems so counterproductive to me that a company would NOT go the extra mile in supporting its product after its release.

    Anyway, any insight on this would be welcome! I'm still gonna pick up the Infuse on Sunday, but it'd be nice to have some reassurance that its OS won't be outdated within a few months.
    05-09-2011 02:11 PM
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    This subject has been beat to death and nobody really has a definitive answer but I will offer some speculation on the subject. I have speculated that Samsung will move to the forefront in the Android game and with that comes stellar support in the way of updating their devices.

    They are starting to prove they mean business with the incredible hardware they are starting to offer with the Galaxy S 2 and Infuse. Will they update it? I really don't know but I have a feeling you will be fine.

    Enjoy your Infuse. It looks to be a great piece of hardware!
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    05-10-2011 12:34 AM
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    +1 Samsung has been doing a fantastic job supporting android with their tablets and phone hardware they are showing they are very serious.

    The original galaxy s phones got a bit left behind by the updates which was a real shame, have they learned their lesson? i would like to believe so and hopefully the charge/infuse/galaxy s 2 will be properly supported i also think the other factor that will help will be that samsung is hosting the current nexus line and hopefully this will help them stay up to date with their updates.

    You can go wrong with the infuse, only 2 phones have official gingerbread right now here in the US so dont worry it will come. If you find yourself hurting for gingerbread im sure there will be plenty of 2.3 roms out in a few months and leaked builds. basically as long as you dont buy an old or budget android device you will be fine.
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    05-10-2011 06:25 AM
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    Thanks, guys, great info! Here's another question that will demonstrate my newb-ness, I guess.

    The Samsung Galaxy S II will ship with TouchWiz 4.0, while the Infuse has TouchWiz 3.0. Is there any possibility of the Infuse being updated at some point to TouchWiz 4.0? Or is that out of the question? Just kind of a bummer that the Infuse lacks Gingerbread as well as TouchWiz 4.0.

    If I were a more patient man, I'd probably wait for the Galaxy S II (as I don't mind a 4.3 inch screen over a 4.5 inch screen)... it's just that my current phone is a Samsung Eternity (!) and I need to get something new pretty quick!
    05-10-2011 01:05 PM
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    it is a possibility, personally i hate all of the manufacturer skins so i use launcher pro.

    but most likely it will see touchwiz 4.0 in an update unless touchwiz 4.0 is dual core optimized then no the infuse wont see it.

    touchwiz and other skins only affect things within those skins unlike os updates such as gingerbread which improves and changes the functionality and added features of the device, and with new apps.
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    05-10-2011 09:56 PM
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    Cool, thanks for the primer!
    I'll add Launcher Pro to my list of apps to check out right away. Beautiful Widgets and Handscent SMS are the other two I want to get up and running right away.
    05-11-2011 02:50 AM
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    Cool, thanks for the primer!
    I'll add Launcher Pro to my list of apps to check out right away. Beautiful Widgets and Handscent SMS are the other two I want to get up and running right away.
    There are numerous launcher apps Launcher pro/adw/ahome/etc. The most popular two are launcher pro and adw. Launcher pro is good for a closer to stock minimalist look but you have the option to use custom docks,icons and configurations for your dock. with launcher pro plus you get the ability to use their widgets and resize widgets. ADW is very similar and works great but is more theme based, not that you cannot use it to look stock but there are theme packs you can download to change the look altogether. But i like launcher pro as it feels cleaner to me. They are personal preference theyare both free and launcher pro is free you can later unlock the plus functionality but the app works flawlessly for free.
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    05-11-2011 06:31 AM

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