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    I am new to android. Can anybody tell me how to change sync settings for gmail on Samsung infuse. I tried going through Accounts and sync and it only gives me the option of turning it on and off.

    I also tried going through the menu settings of the app but couldnt find any option to sync it every hour or 4 hours etc.

    My battery is draining pretty fast ( low usage mainly in standby,no widget lockers etc). I saw the battery use and the display was the main culprit followed by skype.

    I turned the auto brightness option off and reduced the brightness and for skype I did a force stop (even though I was not logged in or using it). Reading through the forums looks like I am not the only one facing battery issues. What else can I do to not consume power and improve the performance. I am also trying to follow the practice of discharging completely before charging. Any ideas?? Does battery life improve with time???

    The battery life is really annoying. I have heard iphone 4 has battery is better. If Samsungs battery keeps performing this way , am thinking of returning the phone to trade for iphone 4( though this will cost me 35$)

    I like this phone and would really appreciate any suggestions/help and thoughts on this.

    Thnaks in advance
    05-24-2011 12:42 PM