1. sheeks's Avatar
    Has anyone heard about OS updating to gingerbread or ICS when it comes out? just curious if anyone has
    10-17-2011 08:59 AM
  2. Jonneh's Avatar
    My brother just got the Thrill and was wondering this too.
    10-26-2011 10:37 PM
  3. ATT.Fan1982's Avatar
    Don't hold your breath waiting. AT&T will probably release a gingerbread update once a new android device hits their shelves.
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    10-29-2011 02:23 PM
  4. YourMobileGuru's Avatar
    I'm sure it's coming but as for when that is anyone's guess.
    11-21-2011 12:13 AM
  5. YourMobileGuru's Avatar
    Its now available via lgs PC support tool (no OTA). Just finished the update and so far so good
    03-24-2012 03:41 AM
  6. HollowIchigo10's Avatar
    I messed up on the update. My phone got disconnected in mid update then the program froze. I tried to turn on my phone, but nothing will happen. When I plug my phone into the computer the only thing that reads it is the lg support program, but it says it updated (it only got to 6%... so no). This being said, I was wondering if there is someway I can install an OS on the phone? I ask because I believe that it wiped the OS without installing.
    03-24-2012 05:56 AM