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    Hello guys and ladies. I tried to download and arrange my music. So guess what!!!! I now get some one day and less the next and then if I listen to a song 10 times I have 10 copies of that song in my songs.... Some how my gallery for pics and vids keeps closing on me, I can send text but no attachments, my phone is SLOW to change from item to item, I have nothing on my SD card from what the phone tells me. I put card in computer and there is nothing on it. I formatted it and mounted, unmounted until it looks like a horse. I put a file to sd from management and my total space is still 7.40. I knew I should have stayed with my G'zone..... O yeah if I download something and suppose to move a file to a file it don't work. Is there a tutorial on managing files, or a app, or a guy down the street, anything. I got the 3D down great. my buddies can't do that but I had no probs. Can anybody help this backwoods cuntry bumpkin with a new toy???? Thanks. Email, call, or come by. I NEED HELP!!! Thanks again yall... Bassinamateur69@gmail.com
    02-18-2012 02:47 AM