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    Many here may not care about privacy and even have a fatalistic approach...but I will not be that bold to make it an assumption...

    So please take this as a public service awareness it is not my intent for anyone to get into any deep heavy political fights but to make you aware of the direction big government is encroaching and if anyone has ever asked the question: "gee, how did those stupid German people ever let Hitler get into power anyway, I would never have fallen for it..." well it is always easier to look back then to properly assess the present moment we live in but I assure you we are there .... plus the carrier is making a buck ($$$$$) by selling your information...nice huh.... w/o further ado here we go:

    The ACLU is claiming that AT&T, Bell South, Sprint, and other
    wireless carriers are not only handing over your cell phone
    information to law enforcement agencies without warrants, but are
    profiting from it.

    Yup, they charge law enforcement agencies for things like
    "retention information," and "subpoena compliance" even as they
    fork over the information without proper legal requests.

    Isolated incidents? The ACLU requested information from 383 law
    enforcement agencies, only 10 reported that they don't track cell

    Moreover, Google and Apple are helping police bypass iPhone and
    Android lock screens, also without warrants.


    Law Enforcement: Corruption & Abuse Police tracking cell phones w/o warrants

    Goodman Green
    - Brasscheck
    04-08-2012 11:30 AM