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    Ok im kinda a noob to all the droid stuff, I don't know how to root or hack or anything.. But here is my situation, I had an atrix HD mb886 on at&t an att phone and I loved it all the features and everything but the battery! So I read up on the factory unlocked droid maxx Xt1080m and liked everything but no micro SD card slot like my Atrix hd .. so now that im using the MAXX and I have many complaints or issues

    I don't like this whole "factory unlocked" idea first off....... there are many things that are no where as easy as my atrix hd
    First off no call forwarding setting under phone-> settings????? why not!!! I use this a lot on my atrix I could select different forwarding options it was awesome.. next no data in my battery circle in widgets? no clue why cant find it.. also hate the text/email keyboard compared to atrix hd..

    the phone seems nice and good quality good battery but its not fully compatable on at&t and its bothering me a lot.. everytime I reboot it says sim card no recognized..... why cant my atrix hd just have better battery and bigger screen ugggg

    I don't think im getting good signal either not sure on the settings to put it on and at&t don't wanna hear anything because its not there phone and I didn't buy from them?? I have more issues too I just cant think of right now been long day ... any input would be awesome! I am in Syracuse ny and willing to pay for help and or to get rid of bloat ware I will pay cash.. please let me know or I might ditch this phone try note 3 or just get another atrix hd cause I love it the battery was ok for first 4-6 months thanks in advanced
    05-14-2014 11:50 PM

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