1. hummingbirdhill's Avatar
    Although I have "purchased" the free Opera Mobile browser in the Amazon apps for android and it is listed in my Amazon's Your Apps and Devices, I cannot figure how to download/install the Opera Mobile browser on my Toshiba Thrive tablet.

    This is the only app I've ever acquired in the Amazon android market. I'm not app-crazy. And I thought I had enough intelligence to follow the instructions provided in the Amazon email notification of my "purchase."

    Can someone kindly instruct me as to how to get this browser into my tablet?

    P.S. I attempted to "purchase" the browser again; however a popup informed me I'd already purchased it. I find the terms "download" and "install" nowhere.

    P.S. #2 When I go to My Apps and touch Amazon appstore for Android, the page that results shows 10 headers (Top, New, Games, Entertainment, etcetera) above three columns: Top Paid, Top Free, and Top Rated. I haven't discovered a way to link to any other page (except one of the apps or one of the headers). According to the Amazon instructions for installing one's app(s), I'm supposed to be able to access the Your Apps and Devices from this page . . .

    EDIT: Well, DUH, I finally figured the INSTALL is on the long list of apps. Never saw anything like that but I continue to learn . . .
    08-11-2011 07:49 PM