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    So I have my Thunderbolt rooted and on the Das Bamf "Son of a Bliss" system and I need it to tether to my Blackberry Playbook. I have Barnacle installed on the TB and it works great with my 2 Windows computers and my buddies MacBook Pro for tethering purposes. I just got my BB Playbook today and was so excited to tether it and its not working. Under the WiFi setting on the Playbook its not showing up as a source of internet bc the Playbook has a Internet Tethering option in the settings. So I turned on both devices Bluetooth to try to see if that would work but obviously I'm unsuccessful still. Is there an app or a way to make my TB send out that WiFi as if it were a router instead of a phone hotspot?!? Any ideas or help please! I tried to be as descriptive as possibly to paint a good picture. I have tried a couple other tethering apps also and still no success either.
    11-29-2011 06:56 PM